Nov 1, 2016 - Mar 31, 2017

TITANS OF MAVERICKS is the world’s premiere, high adrenaline, big wave surfing event. This one-day, invitation-only surfing competition is held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located near Half Moon Bay, only 20 minutes south of San Francisco and near the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. The 24 Titans will attempt to compete at the highest level of skill, risk and athleticism to stand out and effortlessly challenge these the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the winter season.

Professional big wave surfers from across the globe will travel great distances to take part in the most risk-oriented event in North America. The only way into the event is to be selected by the Committee 5 and earn a spot to battle it out – heat after heat – and eventually beating every other Titans for the win. Each potential selectee will have to put his or her time in the water at Mavericks. If you prove to the Committee 5 members you’re capable, and have what it takes, you will have equal consideration among any of the possible competitors.

Wild Cards

The Committee 5 will vote 22 competitors and 5 alternates each year throughout the pre-season, leaving 2 critical slots open for WILD CARD considerations. These Wild Card positions will go to the committed athletes that cast the strongest impression between October 1st through Jan 1st, and who commit to showing a level of excellence that is undeniable by charging only the biggest waves in that period. These 2 Wild Card slots can go to any skilled big wave surfer putting their time in at Mavericks. All alternates are also in consideration for being a Wild Card Selectee. It is anyone’s game, at anytime. The Wild Card criteria is based on two main characteristics; (1) commitment to Mavericks over time and (2) the days in the water put in and how big you charge during those pre-season days.

The first Wild Card was announced January 3, 2015. The second and final Wild Card slot was fulfilled by the Committee 5.

Each selected competitor will be publicly released in random order, and at the timely discretion of Titans of Mavericks. Each Titan will be announced exclusively through our social media platforms before the opening ceremony of each year.


The first round of 56 names was released on September 26th, 2014. That list then was narrowed down to 38 names and released on October 6th, 2014. After that second round is published; the company at random released each selected Titan and alternate(s) throughout the month of October. All Titans were selected before the opening ceremony on October 24th, 2014 in Half Moon Bay, CA.

The Opening Ceremony

Our traditional Opening Ceremony was held on October 24th, 2015. The public is welcome to come celebrate our great athletes, and the community. To celebrate the opening of this new season, the big wave surf community will gather for the traditional Opening Ceremony and paddle out at the beach at Mavericks. It is an opportunity for the surfers and community to gather and celebrate the upcoming season. 

The Titans Dinner

This year will be the inaugural Titans of Mavericks Dinner held at the Ritz-Carlton of Half Moon Bay, honoring the spirit of the athletes and the rich history of Mavericks. This special night is to celebrate the chosen Titans, with special announcements and contributing speakers throughout the decorated evening.

The Call

Once the season opens on November 1, the watching and waiting begins. The “call” is a perfect blend of art, science and experience: tracking the waves, the wind, the tides, the swell direction and duration, understanding the ideal weather conditions and making the call.  The most sophisticated weather reports will never replace experience and knowledge of the Committee 5. When all the factors are right, the Committee 5 will make the call and give notice that the TITANS OF MAVERICKS is on!

Contest Viewing

TITANS OF MAVERICKS will provide a free, live webcast via our digital streaming partner, RedBull.tv. Once the call is made, check our website for the link to the site and how to watch and listen live on the radio or TV via our radio and television partners. We’re finding new ways to help you view all the action, replays and personal stories from home, while at work and even on the go.

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The Call: Alerts

TITANS of MAVERICKS will occur when these systematic benchmarks are issued. Awareness and readiness through these color coded signals is our preparedness for the world to know that the event will happen. The Call to competitors will be made 48 hours before the event starts. Use the legend below to understand the site-wide warning light.

There is currently no inbound swell
A potential swell is on the forecast
Potential is high that the event will run
The event is on

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