Event Criteria

In order to be recognized and considered as a potential competitor, these criteria benchmarks must be passed:

  • Dedication to surfing Maverick’s.
  • A person who is athletically in top, peak physical condition to handle the rigorous conditions and hazards of Maverick’s.
  • An accomplished big wave surfer that has surfed Maverick’s before or whom has put recent time in that proves eligibility.
  • A proven waterman/waterwomen: A person that has dedicated a portion of their life and career in staying involved with ocean activities.
  • A person who follows the correct etiquette year round while surfing Maverick’s.
  • A person who promotes ocean conservation and lives a healthy lifestyle.
  • A person who is drug free and doesn’t take performance enhancing drugs.
  • A person who is respectful to his/her peers and has character in and out of water.
  • A person who puts time in at Maverick’s during the pre-season.
  • A person who understands the water safety rules, and is knowledgable of the inherent dangers of Maverick’s.
  • A person who provides community service efforts in their local community.
  • A person who is associated with one or more community organizations.
  • A person whom is educated on the ecosystem, waterway, and cold water conditions surrounding Maverick’s.
  • A person that understands that participation in TITANS OF MAVERICKS is a privilege, not a right.

22 of the 24 TITANS will be announced before the Opening Ceremony leaving 2 spots open for potential Wildcard selections.

There will be 8 Alternates and 8 Wildcards who will be in the running to fill the 2 open positions available for the event each season. The Alternates will have equal opportunity to potentially fill the 2 open slots in which the 8 Wildcards are vying for. Both the Alternates and Wildcards will be able to perform throughout the pre-season and during the season’s official window. The Committee 7 will be reviewing and noting performances of these athletes on both lists. Their free-surf performance at Maverick’s during the fall and winter season will be reviewed, calculated and then awarded by Committee 7.  If no performances are noted during the pre-season prior to the event run, the Committee 7 will use historical observations and past season performances to use when voting the selectees. The Committee 7 will announce this decision live on titansofmavericks.com within days before the event.

The women’s heat consisting of 6 women will take place between the semifinals and the finals during the day of the event.

The criteria in selecting all of the athletes is the same, each potential TITAN must pass equal criteria. No exceptions.

All potential athletes will be reviewed and cleared by the Committee 7. All TITANS OF MAVERICKS criteria evaluations are made at the discretion of the Committee 7, and are evaluated by the event organizers and ownership. At anytime during the pre-season evaluation process, the Committee 7 and the event organizers and ownership may revoke the ability to be selected, and compete in the event. 

All official rules, regulations and judging criteria will be made available at a later time.