Savannah Shaughnessy
Hometown: Scotts Valley, CA
Age: 27

When did you first start surfing Mavericks? I first paddled out in 2005, and began surfing there consistently 2007.

How long have you been surfing Mavericks? 10 years

What is your trade? Registered Nurse

How long did you compete (or when were your peak years)?
I competed in the Santa Cruz scholastic surf league and NSSA contests through high school, and competed in some local surf contests and qualifying series events in my twenties. I also surfed in the three "Super Sessions" that were held in 2011, 2014, and 2015 for women big-wave surfers to surf in an expression-session style heat at big-wave surfing locations including Nelscott Reef in Oregon, and Maverick's here in California. There was another women's big-wave super session that was held at an outer reef in Hawaii, I was not there for that one. My peak years at Mavericks have been from 2010 until 2016 when I suffered a serious injury. I have not yet started surfing again.

What makes you a unique influencer of Mavericks?
I have been a huge fan of Maverick's and the event since I was in middle school, and I started surfing there at a young age. I dedicated a substantial part of my life to preparing for and surfing Maverick's. I offer a unique perspective having experience as a judge for the event and other surf contests, having been an alternate for the men's event and seeing what one needs to do to have a shot at becoming a competitor, and having left surfing Maverick's recently due to an injury. I am the same age as many of the competitors who aspire to being added to the invitee list, and I feel that I have a good understanding of what is happening in the water and the progress of the sport.

What does it take to get your vote to compete in the event?
Enthusiasm, commitment to Maverick's, a humble positive attitude, and true grit, combined with experience and history of catching big-waves on big days at Maverick's and other locations. I would like to see athletes taking off deep in the pit, taking new lines, pulling into the barrel when available, while also completing the majority of waves they ride; surfers who are progressing the sport while keeping safety in mind. While it is not easy to combine all of these things into one athlete, these are the things that I look for.